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Badass Women’s Hour

I joined ‘Inspirational Conversations’ on talkRADIO’s award winning Badass Women’s Hour on May 12th, to talk about the inmates and … read more

Monocle 24 interview

I chatted about Bad Girls, the history of Holloway Prison and what will happen to the prison site now, with … read more

Interview on the Yasmeen Khan Show

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Interview with Woman’s Hour

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The great reformer Mary Size

After speaking about Mary Size on the Moncrieff Show, two relatives have been in touch to say how happy they … read more

Interview with the Moncrieff Show

I chatted to Sean Moncrieff on Newstalk about the history of Holloway Prison, and particularly the great reformer Mary Size … read more

Interview with Jo Good, BBC Radio London

Interview with Jo Good, BBC Radio London

Jo Good has long been interested in prison – she once played a prison officer in the 1999 TV mini … read more

Feature on Open Book: suffragette reading in prison

I joined Open Book, BBC Radio 4, to explain the importance of books to the suffragettes imprisoned in … read more