Caitlin Davies is a novelist, non-fiction writer, teacher, mentor and journalist. She’s the author of six novels and seven non-fiction books, many of which are inspired by forgotten women from history.

Her early books are set in Botswana, where she started her writing career as a human rights reporter, including her memoir Place of Reeds. 

Some of her books have a watery theme, such as Taking the Waters, Downstream, and Daisy Belle: Swimming Champion of the World.

Others have a criminal theme, including The Ghost of Lily Painter, based on a true case of Edwardian baby farming, and Bad Girls: The Rebels and Renegades of Holloway Prison, nominated for the Orwell Prize for Political Writing, 2019.

Her latest non-fiction book is Queens of the Underworld, a history of daring female crooks from the 17th century to today, published by The History Press.

‘A riveting dive into the criminal underworld and the women who queened it there,’ Helena Kennedy QC.

‘A rollicking account of all kinds of crime committed by women who have not only been forgotten or ignored, but who put their male criminal counterparts to shame,’ Julie Bindel, The Spectator.

She is now researching a book on the history of female private eyes, Private Inquiries, to be published in 2023.

If you’re interested in knowing where ideas for books come from, and the joys of research (!), then she hopes you’ll enjoy this website. (Author photo: Florence Akano)

Caitlin is also an executor of the literary estate of her mother, Margaret Forster.


Photo: Michael White