Caitlin Davies is a novelist, non-fiction writer, journalist and teacher, and many of her books are inspired by forgotten women from history.

She loves setting off on the hunt for stories on a subject she initially knows little about, whether wild swimming – Downstream, Taking the Waters, Daisy Belle – or the history of female criminals – The Ghost of Lily Painter, Bad Girls.

Caitlin has written six novels and six non-fiction books, and many have a watery theme. Downstream resulted in the Museum of London’s first ever Wild Swimming display, as well as a panel discussion on urban swimming at The British Library.

Some of Caitlin’s books are set in Botswana, including Place of Reeds, a memoir of 12 years living in the village of Maun. Others are set in the UK, including Family Likeness, inspired in part by the true story of Dido Belle.

If you’re interested in knowing where ideas for books come from, and how to set about historical research, then she hopes you’ll enjoy this website.

Author photo: Florence Akano