Caitlin’s hand-decorated sea shells and sea glass mosaics are available at:

Dickens House Museum, Victoria Parade, Broadstairs CT10 1QS
Thanet Visitor Information Centre, The Pier, Margate, CT9 1JD
Coastal Creatives, 28 High Street, Broadstairs, CT10 1LH

7 Bays Shells uses a variety of common sea shells – oyster, whelk, limpet, clam, cockle, blue mussel – which originate from Broadstairs’ beautiful seven bays. Some come from local shops, food outlets and shellfish farms.

The scallop shells come from Whitstable, and are ideal for holding keys, jewellery, or restaurant bills.

The shells are individually decorated with hand-painted tissue paper images and coated with non-toxic varnish.

No two shells are ever the same, any ‘imperfections’ are part of their natural beauty.

The shells at Dickens House Museum feature Dickensian characters and seaside donkeys.

Ceramic baubles are also available, with different themes – Dickensian, Broadstairs seaside, and Christmas.

The mosaics are made with sea glass gathered from Stone Bay, usually fragments of old bottles worn smooth by the waves, finished with non-toxic varnish.

Prices range from £2.50 to £10.

All products can be cleaned with a cloth, don’t immerse in water.

Orders: Please use the contact page for bespoke orders – shells can be made with your name, company name/logo, and any copyright free image. Ideal for special gifts, events, and occasions.

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