The great reformer Mary Size

After speaking about Mary Size on the Moncrieff Show, two relatives have been in touch to say how happy they are that Mary is ‘finally getting the recognition she deserves’ for her work within the English penal system. They explained that Mary began her career as a English teacher at a local school in County Galway in the early 1900s, before heading to England. She would come home in the holidays and test the children on what they had learned. She also gave them clothes made by the Holloway prisoners.

Mary Size is pictured here at Askham Grange, an open prison for women in North Yorkshire, in 1948.

The photo was kindly provided by a former deputy governor at Holloway, Ann Hair. She was given photos of Mary by a relative, some of which appear in Mary’s book Prisons I Have Known (George Allen & Unwin, 1957).