Holloway Prison Exhibition

Islington Museum will be putting on an exhibition about Holloway Prison, with a focus on ‘the voices which remain unknown and unrecorded.’

This week I joined some of the volunteers to discuss the chronology of Holloway Prison and the themes that come up over and over again during its 164-year history.

The museum has a brilliant selection of archives and objects – including items rescued when Holloway closed down in 2016, a prison cell door from 1903 and a modern prison bed.

Echoes of Holloway opens on July 13th and runs until October 6th, Islington Museum, Clerkenwell, London EC1V. Admission is free.

The project – which includes oral history, a film, workshops and talks, is run by Islington Heritage in collaboration with Holloway Prison Stories and the University of Middlesex. Many of those interviewed in the oral histories feature in Bad Girls, including former prisoners and staff.