Book Bloggers Review Daisy Belle

The #RandomThingsTours has resulted in some wonderful reviews for Daisy Belle:

‘I raced through the book almost as fast as Daisy propels herself through the water. I was totally mesmerized…..Beautifully written, the world of Victorian sportsmanship comes alive so that it’s almost as if you were actually doggy-paddling alongside as Daisy Belle goes swimming in the River Thames.

If you like well-written Victorian drama with a remarkable heroine who will tug away at your heartstrings, then Daisy Belle is highly recommended,’ Jaffareadstoo

‘I adored Daisy Belle. When I finished the novel I sat and reflected on just how many women throughout history must have been feminist trailblazers – and how many have been forgotten…Daisy Belle has given them a voice and a place in which they can be remembered. A true celebration of female strength, courage and determination,’ Emma R

‘I loved Daisy, she is such a great character – so ambitious and feisty but also so humble and likeable….It’s a good reminder of how we should never just give in and accept what life throws at us but instead keep pushing at the boundaries, whatever they may be. It’s a book I adored so much, charming and inspiring, ‘ RatherTooFondofBooks

‘What a stunning and fascinating made me feel empowered whilst reading it. It’s a cracking mix of history, inspiration, laughter and romance,’ KatiesBookCave

‘A truly remarkable story and a touching tribute to the Victorian female swimmers who fought so hard to swim and race. From start to finish this book was an absolute dream to read,’ Passtheproseccoplease

An incredibly evocative read. Daisy is a character that you cannot help but like,’ ShortBookandScribes