Authors of the Thames

Photo: Michael White

Photographer Michael White is currently embarking on a new project, Authors of the Thames, in which he meets and photographs authors who have used the River Thames and the Estuary as a source of inspiration for their work – whether fiction or non-fiction.

Michael, who is based in Leigh-on-Sea, wants to explore what different locations mean to writers and the project will run along the entire river from source to sea.

I was photographed at the Crowstone, the final stop on my journey down the Thames for Downstream: A History and Celebration of Swimming the River Thames. The impressive obelisk was erected in 1837 to mark the ‘end’ of the Thames, and used to be the site of ceremonial visits, and occasional baptisms.

Michael has already photographed a number of authors, whose work ranges from crime novels to rock star tales, including Syd Moore, Lee Rourke, Wilko Johnson, Zoe Howe, Lara Maiklen, Mick Finlay, Lesley Thompson and Chris Romer-Lee.

If you’re an author whose work is inspired by the Thames, get in touch with Michael at