Someone’s Daughter

I’m honoured to be invited to join Someone’s Daughter, a photographic exhibition from The View Magazine in collaboration with Rankin, part of its campaign for justice and penal reform for women.

Top photographers will be taking portraits of ’15 leading women and 15 women activists who were former prisoners…to show that the women of the criminal justice system are, first and foremost, women’. The goal is to ‘change the lens and shift the focus…to that which connects us, rather than separates us.’

The exhibition will visit several venues in the UK, including Photo London in Somerset House, the National Justice Museum in Nottingham, Southampton University, and the House of Lords.

Among those to be photographed are Professor M.M. McCabe, Rachel Treweek Bishop of Gloucester, HHJ Raffia Arshad, Edwina Grosvenor, Khatuna Tsintsadze, Alison Lapper, Brenda Hale and Nicole Jacobs. I’m going to be photographed by Carol Allen-Storey, the award-winning photojournalist who specialises in covering humanitarian and social issues.

The photos will be auctioned to raise funds for The View Magazine, and a set of signed prints will be donated to the National Portrait Gallery for its permanent collection.

Read more about the exhibition here.